Been using nodejs for a rest API. It may be the old fart in me, but I'm regretting using it instead of a normal static typed language. I hope something changes my mind soon, or I'll go through a case of sunken cost fallacy.

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    You could use typescript with it. But yeah, overall the node ecosystem isn't amazing if you come from more robust ecosystems.
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    Node.js alone is all good for prototyping, but for robustness you'll need more tooling, unfortunately.
    *bird chirps about Deno* Oh, right, there it is, better noDe!
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    I'm using typescript but it still seems to be lacking. I guess it feels... brittle? Like I need a hundred packages to make it so a string is a string, and stuff isn't a big security hole. Again I'm very new to it, I know basically nothing yet. But that's how it feels so far. On the other hand, I get the impression that it'll turn out ok anyway. Can't wait to start writing my tests.
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