Is it really necessary to break the LTS drivers when pushing a new driver update on linux ?
This incident gave me bad experience .

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    Which driver broke with which Linux update on which distro?
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    @Fast-Nop lmao :3 amd-nvidia-hybrid-440x on asus tuf fx505dt on manjaro gnome mikah
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    @spantheslayer Well, there you have it. Manjaro isn't LTS, but RR. On the other hand, Nvidia is a crap company that refuses OSS drivers so that it will always be a hassle because their drivers aren't part of the kernel - unlike AMD's or even Intel's.
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    Oh wow, what a surprise, Nvidia being a piece of shit again. As always.
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    Lol imagine using a Nvidia driver on linux and expecting it to just update without any problems whatsoever 😂
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    @Kimmax that's exactly what is happening with me . I die in corner
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