Does anyone know how to preview your code through VS Code I can't view the files at the same time I can only open HTML or CSS or JavaScript by themselves

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    Download live server extensions if that's what you're talking about. explain further
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    First, download notepad
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    You can just run them in your browser though...
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    You have many options.

    If you’ve just got HTML, CSS, JS only... you could just open the HTML file in a browser (you have to use relative paths for this to work).

    You can probably also add some VS Code extension, as others have noted.

    You could run up your own local web server with MAMP or WAMP.

    Or you could set up IIS on Windows if you choose .NET dev. Or run up your own LAMP or MERN stack locally for Mac or Linux.

    You could get your feet wet with AWS. An EC2 T2.micro Ubuntu will be fine for early dev needs, can run LAMP or MERN, and is free.

    You could get your feet wet with Docker, and use that to create a container for your source.

    Laravel would let you run lamp code without a local server...

    PM2 can manage most any process.

    The possibilities are pretty much endless.

    I think MAMP or WAMP for Mac or Windows, respectively, is probably a good place to start for a beginner to have a guided install of a local web server.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I thought xampp was the beginners thing
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    Install a live server plugin (there are a few good ones).
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    npm i http-server -g
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