My office used to be 6 songs away, now it’s 4 songs and 6 ads away😦

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    So what are these ads people are talking about?
    Do i need special settings in uMatrix or uBlock Origin to be able to see them?
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    Damn these ads.
    I had to pay premium to 7 apps just to remove ads. 😑
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    @Oktokolo just don’t pay for subscription
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    @byteOverBits but sometimes ads are good, u know what people are creating and how they are marketing
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    But i already pay nothing for my SkidRow subscription.
    Only have the freeloader plan on uMatrix and uBlock Orgigin too.
    Could the Netflix subscription be the problem? It isn't mine, but i use it and it technically is a "paid" one...
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    Yes, i heard about that. People all around the world test good and bad products and tell all about their experience. Especially for games there are tons of really helpful review videos on Youtube.

    But someone on the Internet once told me, he would also get additional videos before and inside such videos telling him about other mostly totally unrelated products...
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