Maybe I'm biased but is every person in my country who calls themselves a "devops engineer" a retard who knows nothing about devops and was hired by a bunch of retards or is it just the ones I'm blessed to cross paths with?

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    I'm gonna go with "yes".
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    @Jilano but... what exactly yes?
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    DevOps is a really new field that, imo, entirely sprung up from React and Vue devs not being able to debug the dependency update cycle nor set up the environments for their "environmentless code".

    I'm not sure when colleges started teaching the frontend frameworks as the sole way to make websites and apps... but they fucked up, and the entire generation of new devs got released into the wild as fully fucking retarded.

    Pick up that can.
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    There's a "devops engineer", and a "devoops enginuur". The first is the conventional book definition and the second is what you call someone who knows what AWS is and opened a terraform script once.

    Its like when the term "software engineer" is used to describe someone who only uses graphical editors and uses XML for describing logic flows, but has no other experience with writing any form of programming code and thinks Big-O is a blood type, I guess.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi no it's not. It's far older but with cloud(virtualization really) containerisation and microservices it blew up further. Anything with an efficient OTAP or CI needs devops. The term and formal role came in a bit later though.

    The front-end stuff created the full-stack developer though.
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