Most places that I have worked have had a friendly theme of software vs electrical vs mechanical. A lot of the time I have been on both the electrical and software "sides". I am always on the lookout for messing with these groups. Probably why I like devrant. So I thought about a way to mess with electricals.

Bob: Man, we are having issues figuring this problem out.
Me: I think it needs a temporal adjustment.
Bob: What?
Me: You need to use a "toroidal condenser".

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    @Fast-Nop You do electrical right? Cannot remember
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    @Demolishun Yep, though rather on the SW side of electrical.

    Btw., a condenser is something that makes vapor liquid. The thing that holds electrical charge is a capacitor. In the past, "capacitors" were also called "condensers", but that was like a 100 years ago.
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    @Fast-Nop That is why I chose condenser, to throw off the scent.
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