Putting a PDF Form on the Web this morning.

Money is money... but god damn people are fucking stupid.

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    Ugh... this task is almost physically painful.
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    Jesus christ on his throne.

    The client initially comes back with "Looks great"...

    Then has me needlessly change verbiage on the form (which should have been done in production weeks before this got to me.)

    So I change the PDF and re-upload it...

    Then they're like "Why doesn't the submit button work"

    To which I'm like "Holy fucking shit, I just about ARGUED with you that putting a PDF Form on the web was a terrible idea FOR THIS VERY FUCKING REASON"

    I might literally fire this client. The seventy bucks I made on this was easy money... but OMG the level of rage induction is not worth it.
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    wait so 70 bucks, lemme hire you you cheap lil thang
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    @example-user Ok

    You get.

    1. HTML email.
    1. PDF uploaded to a website.
    1. 512x512 image that you will supply linking to that PDF.

    That’s it.
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    Next change request will be:
    "It has too many scroll bars on my smartphone. Make it look nice on smartphone!"
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