Looks like we can create superconductors in room temperature using diamonds, farting and a little carbon.


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    Same way I made my marriage.
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    Does this mean it will make it into computers soon? Resistance in components creates heat and restricts how we can build things. If super conductor then little to no heat. Means "cores, lots of cores".
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    @Demolishun Probably not during our lifetime. Science to production is ~10-50 years.
    For this one I believe even science is not finished. It’s just next iteration.
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    ... and my kids.
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    Thank god! No more calculating resistance in circuit networks.
    Resistance = 0
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    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    @Demolishun Atleast not till we can have 150 Gigapascal of pressure in a computer case

    (150 Gigapascal = 1.5* 10^6 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level)
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    @AvyChanna I was hoping we could build chips like this. And actually be able to "let the smoke out".
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    @Demolishun It is impossible to "hold" that kind of pressure in any enclosure. With time, it will lose pressure. And, as expected, only way to keep pressure steady for a long time is to have a "pump" to restore the lost pressure.

    Plus we do not even have the technology figured out yet , that will take many many years. There is currently no processor tech which can leverage superconductors (AFAIK). Their only usefulness is due to their perfectly diamagnetic nature.
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    @AvyChanna Just gotta have someones mom stand on the chip.
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    @Demolishun *Joe Mama intensifies*
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