Got into a "fellowship" program with a community. They provide the templates for their website and we have to work and edit it to suit their needs. Now with a bunch of colleagues who have also been selected I finished the first part (i.e building the site) now they are training us to use their APIs and include it in their site and build the backend.

All of this I am doing without pay and according to them the benefit I get is "understanding how the industry works" and that "it will benefit us" with a promise that if we finish their sites, companies and startups will give us paid internships. I already know how APIs function and I'm not that invested in frontend stuff.

Jumping to the main question:
Should I continue here or should I quit?
Is this how the tech industry works?
Also an explanation to your answer will be great too!

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    If this has become any part of the "tech industry standard" it's only because poor young whelps who are desperate for work and unsure of themselves put up with this shit.

    I'm bending over and goatse-ing my own asshole, but I just don't understand why I keep getting randomly fucked...
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