Imposter syndrome is hitting hard today.

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    @rooter i have been thrown into a project in a system i don't fully understand with processes that are foreign to me.

    It's stressful being the one not knowing.
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    @rooter i doubt they expect as much from me as i expect from me.
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    @rooter it's probably not the best environment...it can be rather toxic..and alot of finger pointing.

    But it's one of the better companies to work for in the area.
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    @mattwebdev if there isa lot of finger pointing that can get demoralizing. I hope your management can weed out and give advice to the ones who does it often. Working as a team is still best and finger pointing just creates distrusts and every man for himself kind of thinking. It won't be good for the company in the long run.
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    Go fail at something. Like, for example, a game you know you're terrible at. Play it anyway, and embrace the loss. It'll alleviate the symptoms a lot of the time.
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    @junon Good advice. At some point you will get used to failure and will start learning from mistakes. Sooner or later you will become confident and more skilled and will realize that the difference between a junior and senior is that senior failed thousands of times more. Thats all there is to it. Just fail thousands of times in any given area, learn from mistakes and people will throw money at you because they dont have time or resources to do what you did. Just enjoy the proccess and embrace learning.
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    @rooter so that’s what chronic self doubt is called!! Because the impostor syndrome is a never ending loop for me too I feel your pain @mattwebdev
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    Well, one way to look at it is that you are an impostor, and since you haven't been fired yet it means that whatever you're doing is good enough so just keep doing that and you'll be fine...

    Been doing it for 11 years, seems to be going pretty well... I'm even overseeing other impostors and I can't tell the difference
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