Sorry for asking this question again but I got no replies or releated replies.

Is app academy open good for learning fullstack web development for a newbie or somewhat new to web development. There are barely any reviews on the internet about it. I did kinda ask about them in one of my previous rants but was recommended fullstackopen by @100110111
. I started fullstackopen pretty recently. App academy seems good too but it is a 1000+ hours soo I wanted to know if I am learning anything useful there.

Also thanks @100110111 fullstackopen is pretty good

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    Mentions still don’t work like dat
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    Still can’t recommend full stack. Big dodo
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 The industry needs to specialize. There is no need to know averagely enough on most topics, because then you still make a crap product and people who know their stuff will hate you.

    Know a bit of everything, but master just one or two. No one can be a master in everything.
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    @example-user Well I looked up some jobs of backend web developer(I would preferably specialize) on indeed and naukri.com in my state Maharashtra and most of them require knowledge of frontend stuff like html and css so I might as well be a fullstack developer since I will be doing that anyways. Though there are is a pretty long amount of time before I start doing a job(after around after 3 or 7 years) I will probably be doing the duties of fullstack web developer
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