hi guys, i need your opinions on my life's issue,

i'm a full-stack web developer from Iran, studying master's degree of software engineering here and my goal is to get application for one of europe's universities. this is a three years goal. during this 3 years i have to study hard, do some journal papers, do programming, get IELTS degree, then sign up for application.

all this hardworks is for getting rid of my country, for bad economical problems, and having a better life at the end, start my own company, live my life to the fullest, grow my family and ... .

what's your advices? critics? ideas?

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    Well if you have genuine desire to come to Europe for better life, wishing you best of luck.

    Work hard on it, and eventually your dreams will become reality for sure.

    Also another way of coming could also be through employer visa - might even be quicker as Europe is always missing developer workforce. I worked with some developers who've been employed remotely for first couple of months, and then when they proved themselves worthy, company went on process and arranged them visa - so maybe good to be on lookout for Linkedin :)
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    @myss well yea, i've heard about that way too, becouse of the low value of iran's money i need fund for living there, that's whyi chose application. but i will take a look at that too. thanks
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    I'd argue that when it comes to web development degrees aren't valued that highly in Europe, at least not up here in Scandinavia. I'd generally say that degrees are valued higher in the US. In Europe work experience tends to be key. I'd almost argue that a masters could be a waste of time as that'll likely not give you a higher salary than someone who had a shorter education and then worked for a few years.

    In some fields closer to hardware, masters degrees are way more sought after than in web development.
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