Time spent getting to grips with your OS is usually time spent well. While you're not operations, it really helps being able to solve general problems yourself without calling support.

Oh, and: Set up a good bashrc, and put it on the servers you're working with.

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    We use the “get to grips with the target OS” strategy. Everyone ignore Windows because WSL2 is an abomination.
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    The real problem starts when you are using zsh with omz and powerline 10k on personal and/or main work compuers, and then you have to use bash on some servers.
    Especially when you have some weird shortcuts, like git plugin ones.
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    @Irene I use Windows with WSL2 and am rather productive 😛
    The moment I touch a colleague's MacBook, however... 😅
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    @impune-pl I saw a coworker have to use sh in a container and he couldn’t handle case sensitivity. It was pretty funny.
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