Get your code reviewed by as many good devs as you can. Tell them to be harsh, swallow your pride, expect the code to be torn apart. Then rinse and repeat.

It brings the "know it all" fresh grads down a peg or two, and often brings those with low self esteem up a peg or two (when they realise their code is better than they thought.) Anyone can write code that works. But writing decent, clear, well-tested code that stands up to scrutiny is a different ball game - and it's important to learn that quickly.

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    Fresh grads don't get taught about coding standards at school, they are focussed on cracking interviews and rightly so. To swallow pride, in a work environment everyone should be humble, that doesn't happen most of the time.
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    YES! It hurts but it feels so good
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    @ven4coding Probably not all but some uni do (and I know my uni wasn't an exception in having coding standards in the curriculum).
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