Don’t put pressure on yourself to understand everything. No single person understands it all, that’s why there’s a bunch of us.

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    That reminds me of a guy who was like 15 when he started making video "tutorials" and sharing them in a local dev group on Facebook. Said tutorials were just copied over from somewhere else with the dude obviously not understanding half of what he's "explaining", and yet he covered a whole bunch of stuff like PHP, C++ and front end web.
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    There's always a pressure when there is a deadline and the sprint already started 😃
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    @Devnergy You're partly responsible for what's included in the sprint.
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    @Devnergy Are you saying junior devs should have additional pressure on top of them because the rest of the team can’t plan effectively? They have enough on their plate trying to get their heads around general development practice and a potentially complex tech stack.
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    Well welcome to reality my friend
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