When companies don't understand what DevOps is and don't know how to implement it.

I hate when the term DevOps gets slapped onto a traditional Ops or sys admin team and they call it a day.

It's become the new agile.

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    Whoa, so management has no idea about how something works and tries to dictate it anyway? 😯
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    My employer did this at first, but our team got moved to another manager who actually understands devops so we're finally starting to do it right.

    My previous manager was so out of touch that when we did an agile assessment of our team, he sat in on the meeting and talked over us while we tried to answer questions and as a result we were rated WAY higher than we should have been. He just ignored every complaint we had about the enterprise processes that were choking our team.
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    MS has changed the meaning of the the term devops with their azure devops portal anyway.
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