Dammit Peter, just make a damn decision and *stick with it*. This is explicitly your choice - I don't care whether we go with framework x, framework y, or framework z. I'm comfortable with each of them. So's everyone else on the team.

But for the love of Dijkstra, please do the research, cement it in place & stop changing your mind in every bloody standup because of another forum post you've seen where someone had an unrelated issue with x framework 2 years ago.

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    Thank God. Yes! The typical "I'm smart because I've read something" culture. Fine, I do too. But do some people even think about the stuff written? Makes something new (or even better) makes the current stuff bad? Does it solve something? I saw a tripple rewrite of a good product and source code because of this. Those rewrites created a whole new level of bugs we didn't expect, so even the bugs got harder. If you follow every trend you'll never have time to finish

    Hipsterism kills the end product. I thought we already prove that any language and every framework can do great results. In the end it will turn out a different choice was better. Always. Fuck it, deal with it. Don't predict the future
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