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So yeah, kind of had to figure out the semi-hard way that Yew really isn’t prod ready yet (as they clearly state somewhere). Too bad. Or maybe because I don’t have the experience in Rust to overcome some of the issues I’ve had... so it’s back to plan B, id est Vue with TS. At least I got much of the thinking work done already, so I could just write the damn code - and the stuff I had problems with in Yew were all simple for me in Vue.

Or that would’ve been the case if I hadn’t decided to use the newer composition API instead of the options API already familiar to me. Damn it took me all day to wrap my head around it and I’m sure there’s much more head-wrapping to be done. Still, I’m likely done with this at least 2-3 weeks before the deadline, so I can maybe spend the some time figuring out the Yew implementation, too... not sure why, but maybe it ends up better?

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