Praised be the developer/customer! 6 hours listening to him how HIS WAY is the ONLY way to write clean and reusable code! And teaching us how to write HIS way!
No matter how it ignores normal conventions, his way will ALWAYS be the better one! And to everybody who codes otherwise... we call them WRONG!!!!!
Anything you would like to change? NO! We will write it the way "WE thought it before" (I think he meant "HE thought" and impose into us... but... well, I guess I'll have to endure...)

It is the first meeting for this project, and I already want to jump off of a bridge :)

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    I mean... conventions are guidelines, not strict rules. If this person's code rules ignore conventions but aren't bad in themselves, just see 'coding it in this way' it as an extra requirement.
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    @nitnip I'm not mad about conventions, or for having to write in HIS way. What gets to my nerves is when ppl say something is more readable when it's just that they are used to do it that way.
    I don't really care how to code while I'm getting payed for it (provided that everyone involved in the project uses the same conventions, I wouldn't even mind to switch between tabs and spaces for crying out loud)... but I could do it without him berating everyone who does not adhere to his way (even people working on other projects that have nothing to do with this one).
    He is a nice guy, I get along with him quite well. But he offen makes it seem like he is the only one with a sound answer and everyone else is just smearing his code.
    I mean, I get it, I sometimes feel the same way about code I did not write, but have the common sense to realize that my way is not the only good way. And I am open to learning from others.
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