I don’t want to write paper/ run test to produce meaningful numbers

Anyone want an image like this?

Just tell point me to the image, a set of text and I will do it for you

Please I’m bored

This is the mandalorian using his lines from season 1

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    Have you thought about doing a devRant avatar with the corresponding users's rants/comments? (Which his/her permission, of course)
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    @Jilano good call

    But for best quality it better be a png, the background color can always be set later on but the main focus should be the person in the avatar, if I have access to that it’s quite easy
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    Good effects.
    Boring show.

    Way too predictable.
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    @Root you mean mandalorian or me

    For mandalorian I totally agree, they haven’t tried to push the story line.

    Like I was excited to see how they show ahsoka but then oops, I need to fix my ship again.

    Maybe next time when you get a piece of metal, put it on your ship god damn it
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    Please people, ask me to do something
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    @K-ASS Fair enough. Some people around here might be able to help you with that.

    Regarding with examples, you could always go for well known movies and whatnot:
    e.g. Star Wars - Darth Maul, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Jumanji, the Shining, etc.
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    @F1973 It was decent. At least I thought so as a kid!
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    @F1973 I was giving you my opinion, silly.
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    @F1973 this should be 4K

    Idk how much devrant will compress the image though
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    @F1973 no but I can give you my email and you can shoot me an email?
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    @F1973 actually you can find my github page, which leads to github account, which has my email, so I don’t have to leave my email here
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    @F1973 I’ve been shot
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