Does anyone else think discrete math is super satisfying? I love it so much more than algebra or Calc

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    They're not exactly comparable. Discrete is a definition of a function having a finite point of completion, whereas algebra and calculus are branches of mathematics.

    Programming is applied discrete mathematics though, so I would hope anyone who does it for a living enjoys it 😸
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    @SortOfTested huh, didn’t know that. Learn something new everyday!
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    @SortOfTested I think OP meant discrete mathematics as in graph theory, combinatorics, logic and stuff.
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    @RememberMe that’s more of what I was thinking. Set theory, etc.
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    Yes! Further it allowed me to overcome my crippling fear of the concept "math" when I was introduced to it in a course at uni. It's math but not the kind one generally thinks of, so this one I could actually learn and do well at 🤭
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    @SortOfTested That's just a portion of Discrete Maths tho (and the OP was on about that).
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    It's definitely fun, but it's entirely different
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    @Elyz same here! I was really intimidated by math in highschool but once I took the discrete mathematics course at uni I ended up loving math
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    Is algebra different in first-world countries? How can people find it difficult?
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    @theabbie Most people just dislike (or hate) Maths, that's all.
    But of course, such sentiments aren't as popular in STEM vs outside of it.
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