It's winter and it's quiet. Too quiet. My shitty job has me sitting here, waiting for work to appear. I could be at home working on something dev related and fun and meaningful to the progress of my life but no, I have to be here and I have to "look" productive for the bosses. I hate this shit, it's like prison, except I get paid, so I should be thankful. I can remote into my PC at home but I already got snapped for that, now I'm paranoid and afraid to try use this shitty downtime in a productive way.

Well, guess I better go sweep the already swept floors again to maintain the illusion of "work" for my penny dripping masters.

QQ having nothing to do is worse than too much to do.

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    Iv'e been there. Pro tip: Most programming tasks (Especially the fun projects we do for ourselves) can be helped by using pen and paper.

    Bring a clipboard and pen for when you need to look busy and make some business relevant tables / something on the first page.

    Now you can look inconspicuous and do fun dev work at the same time.
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