Aaron, seriously. Stop wading into our team uninvited, coming in with your "superior experience", mouthing off about how we need to be doing everything differently because our current code makes no sense, making a few PRs that break everything, then complaining we're just incompetent and don't understand when everyone rejects them.

If there's one thing that hacks me off the most, it's people like this wading in uninvited, pretending they're being really helpful in coaching us in the "one true way" to do development, screwing everything up, then buggering off again while boasting to upper management that "thank goodness I got there when I did, or that team would be royally screwed."

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    That's why it's important to stay back and observe first when you're new but I'm guessing Aaron never shuts up except when he's sucking his own cock.
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    @rutee07 Yeah, though this guy isn't new - he's *meant* to be employed to roam from team to team to help out those who *ask* for help. It's a cool concept if you find someone humble enough to just be a helping hand to teams who need a bit of extra manpower now and again, and someone who's experienced enough to get up to speed on whatever they're working on quickly.

    Problem is, if you employ an arrogant arse in that role instead then it doesn't work so well. He has neither the knowledge nor the humility to ever do that kind of role well - he just goes around uninvited trying to get everything to fit in the only way he knows how to work.
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    A a ron.
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