Lots of haemorrhoids , because of sitting at one place for long time

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    Relatable. Flowery hemorrhoids.
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    Losing weight and improving posture helps.
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    Have you counted them?
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    Also standing too long as well..


    h t t p s : / / b m m a g a z i n e . c o . u k / b u s i n e s s / t h e - p r o s - a n d - c o n s - o f - u s i n g - a - s t a n d i n g - d e s k /
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    Are you sure that's sitting related.. :-)
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    I think what you really want is a desk like this, more a reclined version..

    Only trouble with this model is, not enough desk space. ( Where do you put your paper and pencils.. )

    And how do you stop your mouse from sliding off onto the floor when you let go of it.. ?

    Also, its only really for big rooms with high ceilings..

    And you'd probably have to keep your curtains shut all the time, or you will get glare on your screen(s) !
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    @Nanos Hahahaha. It's "sitting on someone" related.
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