While in Mec engineering university program I was in a robocup team (small robots playing soccer against an other team of robots using AI).

I designed the mechanical structure of the robots. After 2 years of development (while all those years our goal was to participate in the upcoming international tournament) we realized the software part of the project was mismanaged and really far behind. I couldn't accept that and learned how to code over night. Couldn't let the project I put so much time in die because of someone else.

With the help of others that came from other backgrounds than software, we made it the to tournament and the following two others after this one.

Now my job involves programming more than standard mec engineering. It also pushed me to do a masters in robotics in which I developed my coding skills even more.

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    Good rant, but we don’t use hashtags here. It’s „wk237“

    Good luck thought, programming can be real fun!
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    @bagfox idk why I used that tag... but I can't edit the post anymore... What do?
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    @wonwon0 devrant at it’s finest. People usually delete the rant and repost. But since I’ve commented already, I think the community will excuse this one
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