person: do you know any sites that can help with blah blah blah
me: yea one sec
me: here ya go https://blahblah.blah
person: is this a virus ?
me: no it's a site that will help you with blah
person: i'm not gonna click on that because i don't wanna get a virus.
me: but it's not a virus you can't get a virus just by clicking a link you would actually have to download something and execute it.
person: oh okay but i still don't trust it
me: uhhh okay
person : so are you gonna help me or what ?
me : ..................*scream internally*
person: okay fine your not gonna help me

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    Run away!

    "person : so are you gonna help me or what ?"

    Is code for: "do it for me"
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    If you don’t want my help, you can fuck right off.

    If you do want it, click the fucking link.

    Did you click it?
    There’s the fucking door. Piss off and stop wasting my time.
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    Would have loved if that link would actually lead somewhere. I’m kinda disappointed now😕
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    @dder we could petition ICANN to make .blah a real TLD then we could all pitch in and register

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    @butwhytho It's companies that manage TLDs, not ICANN (they just register them) and it costs 100k USD per year to operate (on top of infrastructure expenses).

    So if y'all have 100k just laying around...
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    @junon So, someone paid $100k for .camera? And another for .bicycle? I don’t think so.
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    @Root I believe many were sponsored by ICANN as the new gTLD program. I just checked and I guess it's not yearly, but just the application fee, and apparently it's more than 100k - the article I found said 180k-200k.

    For example, .google was not sponsored.
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    @Root Actually, to answer your question - yes, kinda. A lot of them were indeed sponsored (sTLD's).

    A company called Donuts bought and maintains .camera: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    I couldn't find .bicycle, but .bike is owned by them too.

    Here's a list - the company that owns the gTLD is listed under "operator": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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