Programming is a passion I’ve had since I was a kid and I saw my brother’s books on Basic and Pascal. YouTube didn’t exist back then... Stack Overflow didn’t exist and yahoo was my search engine after having to listen to the dial-up sounds. Once I found the right tools to learn on my own, after my first hello world program, I didn’t stop.
The fact that I’m still making time to write even a few lines of code every day, go through courses and dive into documentations makes me hope that one day I’ll be good enough!

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    The only thing stopping you from becoming "good enough" is yourself. And the definition of "good enough". So either you already are good enough, or you're stuck in "tutorial hell".

    Go ahead make something and ask for feedback from people that already are "good enough". Also, try to find a mentor. You know how the saying goes - “If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.”
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    But to answer your question - work.
    I had been learning programming for upwards of 5 years before finally going to study it. But once I got there, I realized I had already surpassed the people around me. I had become the smartest person in the room, so I found another room (so to say). I went and got myself an entry-level job in a shitty company, where I met somebody that was impressed with me and took me under his wing to work for him. That again didn't turn out great, but on the road I got more contacts, and when I finally decided to jump ship, I was lucky enough to find a company that had people much much more experienced and knowledgeable than me. I worked there for 11 months building an e-commerce platform from the ground up, doing anything I could from backend to frontend, from databases to deployments, from testing to continuous integration, etc. And I learned more within that timespan than I had in the 6 years leading up to it.
    Moral of the story - get out of your comfort zone.
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