So we got a new developer
And his first task's PR is a pure copy paste off a random website that I managed to find in less than 1 minute of searching for the feature on Google

And I mean that's cool and all, because we all do that sometimes
But my oh my, he didn't even bother changing it one bit, hell it didn't even fit the purpose and it was weirdly imported as a separate class instead of it being added as an extension on the existing base class

Like wtf man, at least put some effort into the 5 minutes it took you to find, copy and paste that in

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    I always feel that you have to at least change the variable names. An unspoken rule of using code from someone else, at least for me.
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    Sounds like you need a new-er developer. Or, just maybe, a less new developer.
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    @llcamp @Z-GOD The main issue here was that it wasn't following code standard and was completely out of place within that particular project.
    Although it did work, it introduced a nice and small bit of tech debt which is likely to snowball into a big pile of shit.
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