i had a stupid idea that'd let me do a project i had planned and abandoned a while back after getting experience with the new project.
problem: detect and manage empty space in a massive file, allow adding data to those empty spaces from files, and fill in a table in a designated empty space with where dynamically-loaded things are. In Python.

I tried JUST detecting empty space, and Python would break out of loops for no reason at all just at random. "run bottom to top through this file until a non-00h byte is found" would either break out of the loop way earlier than should be possible (8 or 9 bytes into a 32KB empty file) or run way into non-zerofill areas before breaking the loop.

Am I just retarded? Is this more Python conditional fuckery? i'm so lost that it's just on hold for now (and i think i lost that script too)

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