Just finished coding/support/putting fires down marathon that lasted 2 weeks.

Basically I launched 2 gaming servers got around 600 online players and had to spend 2 weeks around 12 hours everyday supporting them doing hotfixes and etc. I had no time for life. Ioved the work, debugging, responsibility and making impact. Also made some money.

Now I feel completely drained, sick and tired. I think I hit a burnout. I thought I will enjoy my time off with my gf but I just wanna lie in bed and dont do shit for at least 2-3 days. Extended stress over time did a number on me, I am now a nervous wreck.

How can I bounce back asap after a burnout? I have 2 weeks to rest and will have to launch 2 projects again and deal with christmas/new year bullshit...

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    Do not try to bounce back up right away.

    Thats a recipe for a real burnout that could last months or more.

    When the body and mind sends a warning you should take notice.

    You might get away with it a few times but you could end up collapsing and being hospitalized for weeks before even being able to get out of bed if you push it to hard for to long.
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