Guys, start writing your shit early. Don't do what I do and pull two all nighters in a row in order to finish a thesis.
And then complain about having forgotten to mention something.
Do not recommend.

I'm also out of red bull and have at least 4 more hours to go. Wish me luck xD

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    Haha, this is how I completed both my bachelor and masters degree! Definitely not the smartest way, but there's beer to be had and parties to attend the rest of the year - there's just no time to study!
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    @devdiddydog well in my case it was League of Legends to be played but yeah.

    Well actually, i got caught up on bugs so much that i couldn't sit down and write earlier. Regretable choices have been made. And i really regret not writing the chapter on the code that is done since months already. Fk past me...q.q

    Also: wht the fuck do I always end up with crazy topics involvijg like 10 different tools, all research based, and all in different programming languages. Goddamit.
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    Yeah... This is the advice you always give when you're finishing, but no matter how hard you scream no-one will listen if they're just starting 😉
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    @AlmondSauce I didn't sleep for 2 nights straight and it's a crazy state afterwards. it's like being drunk and everything I do was in slow motion and needed a lot of effort. needed to focus on the simplest tasks. and everyone around me seemed hecktick to me. it was a crazy few days.
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    @hasu Hope you're now recovered!
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    Down that caff yo.
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