What cloud backup service are you using now?
So far the top 3 for me:
1. pCloud - with lifetime plan
2. Google Drive
3. Sync.com

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    this is what is use for personal stuff:
    google drive - non sensitive data
    onedrive - sensitive data
    azure blob storage - daily db backups of my servers

    azure blob storage is the only thing that produces costs for me but it is so low that i do not even recognize it.
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    1. Tresorit for sensitive and work data
    2. Nextcloud for other large data
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    forgot to mention that I also have a 2TB NAS - but I think that this is kind of common among us it folks.
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    @lamka02sk Tresorit $360 Annual? damn so expensive. In pCloud your $350 will be 2TB lifetime plan. You must be rich.

    Is it a new company? In their time line it started maybe around 2018 or 2019. Hard to trust new companies like IceDrive
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    @Devnergy I am using Tresorit for about 5 years now. First I was on their (now hidden) free plan which had 5GB of space, but now I am using the "Premium" plan for individuals which costs around 100€ per year. Yes, it is only 500GB but the service is extremely reliable and most importantly they just earned my trust, which is more valuable then money for me.
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    @lamka02sk I see. To each his own. I'm still contemplating to get the the pCloud lime time plan 2TB for $350. They started around 2013. I'll just have a separate encryption service or software because I think they encryption is expensive.

    Hope that the $350 lifetime which I may subscribe to lasts for 3 or 4 years ELSE it will not be value for money.

    I have Google One 2TB right now but it is such a hassle downloading all photos in Google Photos at once. They have a limit of 500 images selected per zip download.

    Also when you upload videos in Google Drive, processing time for it takes a long time before you can stream or download that video file.
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