WOW -__- they left me to code the SPO Teams website when im coding a Text rpg engine while Over clocked is fixing his tablet while Solario is helping his other friends code his java + lua = andlua mod menus for android Screw ya )=<
im not even good at website designs LOL its gonna be a website that wants to commit DDoS iill post the final product and if you survive through the whole website without getting your computer molested props to you =)

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    So, It's not as much a website as it is an escape room?
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    @Hazarth Its a text engine, sounds like an escape room RPG i mean idk but it has something to do with prompts and stuff, repl.it wont show prompts and i have to find another ide website (your asking why not vs code or something else) welll its faster and im lazy. playcode is the only thing that has prompts working

    Hmmm maybe i should try to code an escape room soon WOW thx for the idea !!!!
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    @Phazor001 shit!

    Uuuh, copyright! That's my idea!

    Jk, no, I meant that the user will be lucky to escape from the website without being raped by hackers or worse :D thus "an escape room"
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    @Hazarth OH, ur right , but u still gave me a damn good idea for a game =)) also credits to ya chad for that escape room idea =),
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    Dark blues on Red... Wtf have you done. Heresy I tell thee.
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    @3rdWorldPoison Yes i admit im bad at CSS ITS THE ONLY COLOR THAT MAKES IT VISIBLE also im using codepen now, forget playcode.io, one more thing ya i learned css from YT not all of it rip

    why not dark blues on red? ;-;
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    @Phazor001 It's fine really. It's a common thing for new designers to learn. It leads to something called Chromosteropsis if you're curious. Thus the reason why it hurts to look at certain color combinations.

    Secondly, it's in your best interest to discard bright primary red as your background color. Rather try some dark red combinations.

    There's a lot to be said about contrast and complementary pallettes. You are supposed to draw out contrast between these elements without falling in the category of aggressive opposite primary colors. It chomps down user's attention.

    Hence the reason why you see very washed out (almost desaturated) background colors or mostly blue/green primary color based backgrounds.

    Material design (imo) draws out a lot more interesting patterns between these color interactions. You should check that out as well.

    Tl;dr : Blue text on red background makes brain hurt. Try different pallettes.
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    @Phazor001 Btw you can try using whites and greens if you really want to keep that blood red background aesthetic
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    Red is alert. Use it cautiously.
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    @vintprox Red is also color of blood. I'm assuming it'd feel much more threatening (in a good way) for an escape room lmao ;)
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    @3rdWorldPoison this intensity of red is simply irritating. Darkening it will make good for horror effect.
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    @vintprox The Saturation. AAARGGHH
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    @3rdWorldPoison No, saturation is another thing. What I mean is #FF0000 bears eye-scratching luminosity, which should be avoided for backgrounds.
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    Thanks guys, but its the same colors over and over ill just choose the simple black and white and add some modding tools and uhhh whatever and stuff
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