any fucker who has written code for the indian ewaybill portal needs to be fucking assassinated. couldn't even get a simple aspx login page to work. motherfuckers.
They just display a message that if we are having troubles we should try clearing our cache.
Like for fucks sake build it properly. This is the main source of income for this fucking nation, probably.
- the password reset doesn't work.
- the userid reset doesn't work.
- sometimes i show up as not registered. i just fucking transacted yesterday you buffoons.
- there is an error alert, that says "error". i god fucking know there is an error. please fucking tell how may we please your ass to bypass those fucking errors 😭.

fuck every developer that works for that portal 😤. Good for nothings.

thanks for creating devrant, dfox and trogus. feels better now 😌.

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    Thankfully I don't have a need to use this website
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    Same here in my country, on government sanctioned website. Login doesn't work 50% of the time. One time it said I entered the wrong password, the other time it let me log in. Even though I saved my login on browser so I won't mistype anything. When I pressed forgot or reset password, it said my email is not registered.

    They should have hired me to make it. But they won't. They [probably] gave it to people who were willing to collude and lie about the budget.
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    As with any large-scale deployment, the devs should bear no blame. I'm certain they just carried out the "vision" of the seniors and PMs.

    Dev: The login isn't going to work right with this setup.
    PM: Push it or you're fired! FLAMING LOGO!
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    It's likely only large scale because of the human worker node mentality.
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    @bahua that shouldn't happen on a mission critical website. happens on an intranet site, okay; on a website that brings in revenue to keep literally everything else functioning, strict no no
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    I know that. You know that. Devrant knows that. PMs are their own thing.
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