TypeScript should be its own language and not a “wrapper” for JS.

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    @spongessuck I can’t see anything other taking over frontend development, but something, such as, TS with additional improvements upon JS, just might do the job.

    WASM seems great, but the chances are slim. Ecosystem for JS/ TS is already in place and gradual move away from JS with TS could have a great impact.

    Idk, I’m rambling bs.
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    @yehaaw Maybe a "strict" mode? Javascript intensifies!
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    @Demolishun Well TS is basically “super strict” mode.
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    @yehaaw Yeah, some kind of switch to cause the JS engine to go all TS on you.
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    I do not agree. A while ago I said here on dev rant 'Wtf, you're assigning an int to innerText' and people were like "Oh, it's javascript, it doesn't matter". Nobody cared about it... It's the dev, not the language having issues
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    @rooter Bigger projects require structure, documentation, right optimisations and readable implementations for future dev’s to read, understand and develop on top of. In my opinion, JS sucks at that.

    Other then that, I do agree with you
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    Sometimes I wish that browsers understand TS natively, also. But now I realize that this wouldn’t be good. Now TypeScript can be improved very fast. Microsoft can just release a new version. With native browser support, this wouldn't be possible. Every update would take months and years to be usable in every browser.
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    @Sumafu Demn, you’re right, however, JS also doesn’t have all the features available on every browser (and every version) at all times.

    Gradual transition is still something. Look at JS early years or piece of sh*t jquery we used to use and praise.
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    There's already talks of "native typescript," a la deno. I'd be for it, with some tweaks. That said, the engine authors would have a task in front of them reinventing certain wheels. I'd be cautious about adopting it before they finalize a pattern matching story.

    Higher kinded types are also unfortunately a pipe dream.
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    @rooter it's because the language allows them to
    Also they're too worried about callback hell
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    @alert Agreed, if it was more along the lines of Flow or TS, more people wouldn't be that careless about using the right types.
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    Some song for this subject: https://youtu.be/jxi0ETwDvws
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