"Ok guys. These files are just too big. If we change 'function' to 'f' - and 'var' to 'v' - and just make every keyword and variable possible: a 1-letter key, things will be much tidier and I can get back to focusing on work. It's just too messy."

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    What if I want to name my variable v?
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    @frogstair 'v2' will work. like v - but the other one. We'll remember it.
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    Please tell me that no one ever said that
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    Too big to comprehend? Or too big to package/distribute?
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    @Hazarth I wish I could... but probably 10s of thousands of people have.
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    Big wtf from my side as well.
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    Horrible, it's this kind of thing that makes projects so damn hard to maintain. I've been the person coming behind other developers and having to deal with their terrible code like this. Smh.
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    "And that's the story of how my team and I singlehandedly halted progress on one of our companies biggest projects for the next 5 years!"
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