I use DevRant daily at this point and was wondering what are the benefits of supporting it through subscription.

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    Yes. You get to feel like a contributory member of the community and join an exclusive club that keeps this thing alive despite the efforts of freeloaders. 😸
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    I do it just to support the app. You do get the black theme (which I don't like, too much contrast), and all the April Fools stuff as toggle-able options (so pixelated avatars, binary upvotes etc, I use pixelated avatars cause I like it).
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    Don’t forget significantly longer edit windows, much longer comments, halved rant timer (1 hour versus 2), and double the rant length.

    Plus the blackest black theme, which is far and away the best, despite what blasphemy @RememberMe says about it.

    Also @SortOfTested is on point with all of hers.
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