- Fuck mobile apps that open links in embedded browser windows
- Fuck Wordpress page builders that use the single content field as an embedded IDrag&DropE.
- Fuck unindented HTML markup
- Fuck plugins with "pro" versions that provide more than 50% of the advertised features.
- Fuck building an app with a SPA framework and then adding SSR cuz ur SEO is fucked.
- Fuck Javascript transitions that are meant to make a site look fancy but slow it the fuck down.

Fuck it.

Vent your frustrations

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    fuck neumorphic websites that look fancy as fuck but are damn near impossible to use.

    Neumorphism has it's uses, but designers should always prioritize usability over aesthetic
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    @10Dev had to search for the term. Damn, that looks ugly...
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    Fuck wordpress!
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    @10Dev if there is one thing I've learned it's that marketing + looks gets you a lot farther than usability
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    @tzak902 With lack of time and lots of spare time already volunteered to OSS, calling out those techs which I would like to see, but can't, improve, is the only power I have and the only solace I can find is my nodding peers who have felt the same pains. Can I not have that tiny bit of relief on a platform called devRANT?
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    fuck woocommerce for existing, learndash can fuck off too.

    Fuck bootstrap.

    Fuck all of the shitty things that don't comply to standards because they have a large enough userbase to make shit up.

    Fuck the predatory marketing strategy behind all of those bullshit freemium frameworks-for-frameworks that lure novice devs into using them with their pretty docs and SEO.

    Fuck all the clients that chose wordpress for, well, anything at this point.

    And fuck day three of quitting smoking!
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    @10Dev Those designs are such a pain to implement.
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    @webketje Have you tried using pre-rendering on SPAs (genuine question)? It's not as SEO-friendly as SSG and SSR but it's a good approach.
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    @Berkmann18 not sure what you mean, like having the frontend framework do a render of the initial state to static html?
    I would just not choose an SPA (or only as a layer on top) approach if SEO is of importance (websites, ecommerce)
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