Anyone else working on projects to remove flash from their projects? Anyone not going to get it done in time? What are your work arounds?

Just got placed on a project to help remove flash from a proj and there's no way this is going to get done. I looked up when they announced deprecation and that was in 2017.

I find it laughable the company waited to the last minute to do this. Obviously they didn't deem this important enough to do ahead of time so I see no reason to work OT for someone else's poor planning.

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    Really!? Last time I worked to remove flash was 2009 or something. Can we see the URL? I’d love to see it in action!
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    @sheriffderek lol it's for an internal tool. We're completely rewriting it
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    While you're at it, you should also think about phasing out Windows XP.
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    @Programmatic93 If it's an internal tool who gives a shit about deadlines?
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    I just had a VERY satisfying encounter.

    So, I'd been warning this company to retire their old digital publishing platform (putting PDFs of magazines on the web) for like 3 years citing the fact it was all built in Flash and we even had it directly from that 3rd party vendor they had no plans to update.

    So, said third party vendor DOES end up updating their platform to HTML5 (of course its fucking React) and the thing works about as well as most React software, that is to say it runs about as well as a wet bag of dog shit.

    Many of the buttons I need in the back end of this platform aren't even broken... they just weren't ported.

    So I go back to my client and I'm like, I can schedule to rebuild your system for early April, until then, you have no ability to publish.

    Oh well, shoulda listened. I don't get all animated for my health, if I'm pissed its because you're fucking up bad.

    And here we are.
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    So, devs went to management and their complaints were ignored? Now it's a last minute crunch to solve ALL the problems?

    That seems unusual...
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    @bulletsponge Smells like working at CDPR
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