If I had some money to with I'd probably get my own little workshop and tinker with micro controllers, custom keyboards and so on.

if only...

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    Bullcrap. You can do that with just a drawer and some $100 tools if you really want to.
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    @molaram but I wanna go big!

    I also thought about buying old hardware (like old consoles) from eBay or so and trying to restore them.
    I.e. possible repairs, cleaning everything out, de-yellowing the old plastics
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    I just want to make fancy keycaps.
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    @CatFoodParty ah like with epoxy resin? Those can look quite nice
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    I agree with @molaram, this is quite easy to do on a budget even a shoestring one. Get to work OP!
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    @RememberMe but a budget custom mechanical board certainly means only like 60%
    I don't settle for anything below my 105 keys
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