Took over a NodeJS/SailsJS project from a previous developer that is no longer working at the company. There's no documentation or requirement docs and the models need to be rewritten as some have up to 67 attributes in them.

Looked through the source code file by file to see how bad it was and it will more than likely be easier to start over then to try and refactor and cleanup the existing project into a usable state.

As bonus, I was given the option to switch the entire stack if needed as well.

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    Welcome to the state of modern front end development.

    Speed build a piece of shit and then get a new job before the fallout hits.
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    I inherited a .NET Framework / WPF application (200,000+ lines) written by a sole developer under the same circumstances. I've not been given the flexibility to completely change the stack. I envy you.
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    @bulletsponge Yeah I've also had to write WPF apps (yes, it's a mix bag of tech at this place) and being forced to use the PRISM Library for MVVM. So I do feel you when you're forced into a specific set of technology

    As for stack switching, if I go through with that it will be a simpler Node Stack than a out-of-the-box framework like SailsJS (unless requirements dictate otherwise) or just switch to .Net MVC (which I'm surprised that it was done in NodeJS for some reason).

    At least you're probably not looking at EJS template files that the previous developer copied 100 times for a drop down menu. Like just make it a text field and be done. Drop downs don't work after like 10 options anyways.
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    Git clone, ctrl+shift+f to change in batches. Release rince and repeat ....
    No consideration for the people who will have to clean the mess ...
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    Why stop at 67 attributes? Just take all the attributes from the other models and put them into one epic mother model.
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