Assuming that the spirit of the question means that you are required to actually build something instead of sitting around doing nothing as a requirement for your impossible superpower, I would, in order:

1. Develop hundreds of shitty mobile games and flood the Android market, making millions of dollars.

2. Use this to fund competitors to every major tech company in the world, making billions of dollars.

3. Dump a very large portion of this money into a research group for a complete anti-aging treatement.

4. Sell this only to the top bidders. Make more billions.

5. Use the money to colonize another planet, perhaps in another solar system entirely. Create a transport line that provides free doses of aforementioned treatement. Bring only scientists and their families. Create a utopia from scratch.

6. Develop machines to automate all aspects of life. Live in utopia with no need for money. Allow everyone to persue passions with unlimited time and nearly unlimited resources.

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