Remember how I was - against all that was promised - assigned to a time-sensitive front-end (so definitely not my forté) project about a month ago? Remember how I struggled with the choices of how to go about it - switching from F# (Fable) to Rust (Yew) to eventually settling in with Vue and TS?

Yeah, I’m glad I went that way, even though there could’ve probably been better choices out there: my part is done now, even though it’s not quite prod ready yet (close tho), the team who’ll maintain it takes it over now, after I finish dealing with my current minor issue. And damn their front-end guy is GOOD. Makes me feel very inferior in that department. Well, I am. Back to back-end, thank you very much...

But I have an issue here, that bothers me. I’ve produced a codebase that’s obviously written on a tight schedule: no tests, no documentation, a few embarrassing hacks/workarounds and so forth. I actually feel bad for leaving it out of my hands to them in such a state...

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    Just tell them how much rum is required to get through it.

    On a serious note, at least highlight the hacks and what they do at the bare minimum. Rest is quite implicitly understandable, if not optimal, I suppose.
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