The longer the online classes are going on the more I think about dropping uni and getting a job.

I'm so sick of this way of teaching and not seeing anyone in three months.

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    Think carefully, you may regret it for years to come, and chances are (depending on how seriously your location takes covid), you still might not meet people. After 6 months in my current role, I still haven't met any of the people I'm working with.
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    @nibor Sometime I wish the Belgian government would just give the choice to teachers to give normal classes + online ones so students can decide to go in the auditorium to follow the course or just stay at home if they fear getting the c.

    I know some teachers are really willing and wanting to give real classes.
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    It was once put like this to me:
    Study (or in this case, suck it up) a few more years.
    Earn a lot more for a lot more years.
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    @c3r38r170 That's what's driving me to keep studying 😂
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