trying to unpack game's archives
"this game uses .arc files"
*glances at game's asset folder*

erm... okay

*tries dat/fat unpacker for other game, packer crashes*

well we're fucked, huh

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    @hjk101 "this game uses .arc files"

    also the game:
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    File extensions are just smoke and mirrors. The file encoding is done in the file header (s). Open the files with notepad++ or any hex editor to try to guess the real encoding. If it's arc just unpack
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    @Tamrael they're generally standard but don't in practice mean jack shit, i'm very aware. They're not ARC files, no. (If they were, they wouldn't be the "proper" ARC format of old, either.) The DATs seem to be the compressed part, while the FATs seem to be the headers. Neither match any standard file signatures...
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