We should name the next big pandemic disease IPV-6 just to watch the conspiracy whackos lose their fuckin minds.

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    How about HIPV-666?
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    why not 5G
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    @Hazarth You can show them that their computers are infected with ipv6 already.
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    @impune-pl maaan, no normie will be able to comprehend what you're showing them in the internet connections settings panel. Most people never heard of ipv6 and if they did they didn't care

    With 5G *everyone* has an opinion on it already, whether they understand it or not. I feel also making it a virus would confuse especially those who have no idea what they are talking about
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    @Hazarth i don't think they comprehand what 5G is either. Otherwise they would not go crazy about it.
    They will just read some obscure article on obscure web site saying that ipv6 virus is the new way government can track them and can be used to hypnotize people by flickering monitor, and crap their pants when they read "ipv6" in connection details.
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