I just want to get decent pay bro!!

I am confident in my skills as a developer but I honestly have no fucking idea how people get jobs out here! I am pissed.

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    Try do document your knowledge and put that information out there, could be through linkedin or through recruitment agencies or by mailing it to companies you are interested in.

    By making yourself seen you increase the chance someone will take an interest.

    Also, being active in job hunting will in by it self often be seen as a merit as it indicates that you can take initiative.

    If you have time, try to help out on some open source project to get both documented work and possibly contacts that might just suggest you to someone looking for a developer.

    Also, first priority it to get a job, then you can start looking for a better payed one.
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    @Voxera thanks for the advice. I'm definitely working on it. I'm currently on internship, which pays poorly, but I'm using this opportunity to look for other better paying jobs. As for documenting my work and putting it out there, I'm currently working on it. Fingers crossed 2021 is better!
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