The question about which I am curious is that why the Godot Engine is so fast even in low end pc for making games rather than unity and unreal engines?

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    v Unity: better code
    v Unreal: less computationally intensive
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    @SortOfTested i disagree, both engines are definitely not light in both disk space and computational requirements compared to Godot. There is something powerful going on with Godot.

    This is the case with many other engines btw
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    @AleCx04 Yes, Also Godot is not having any kind of setup to install. Only have an executable
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    I never said they were light. Read what I actually wrote before you shit on it.
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    @SortOfTested "less computationally intensive" for which i said it was not light in computational requirements (read as, item x is definitely not less computationally intensive), and I mentioned operations and disk space as not being light or "less". Both engines will make baby get hot after a bit and both take far too many resources compared to a lot of other engines out there is what I am saying. I guess in terms of Unity it would be, but in terms of Godot I am surprised at some of the benchmarks I have seen.

    Not "shitting on" anything, just not bowing down to whatever comes out your keyboard.
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