Recently in a project of mine people started to raise tons of issues and suggesting fixes "just slap this module on it", "just do this", "just do that". And no respect for the project whatsoever. Code contributions? Don't even think about it.

The users raising these do not know what language the project is written in, they do not know whether it supports modules at all (let alone that particular one), and they have no idea whatsoever what the code is like, or how this suggestion 99% of the time would not at all integrate with the overall structure of the project. And aside from all that, don't fucking tell me what to do with my project!

My question is, how do you deal with these people? All I can think of is "wontfix™️" or even "cantfix™️" in some cases. Given that this is an endless slew of users, anything long-term?

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    Maintaining a project can be a lot of work.
    Are some of the feature requests valid? If it is just ignore the imposed solution and leave it open for a while.
    It's basically the same with any user issue, a lot of the time they come with "a solution" without even understanding what problem they have. Could be they don't even need your project.

    If there is no added value what so ever close with won't fix and "incompatible"
    No need to waist more words on it.

    The architecture does not support it is the weakest argument though. You can probably make it work trough an adapter if the lib does not need arcane initialization. Or you can implement your own version. If the feature is important enough. That is what matters.
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