"Well, I used Jekyll, but then switched to Hugo - but then that wasn't cool anymore so, I went with Nuxt, but switched to React, then Gatsby, then Next - and Now I just redid it in 11nty."

"So, did you ever write any blog posts? I thought it was a blog? The only thing you've done for the past 3 years is to update your basic website? That really could have just been HTML?"

(I'm not sure we can trust this guy to work on a legacy project...)

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    "Well... actually... based on... bla bla bla... Hugo actually came out after... "

    Save it
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    What's wrong with Hugo? I use it. For a blog with a single post that never got updated again...
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    @EmberQuill Maybe the templating, that's what many people complain about. SSGs were the next big thing that sadly never really came around because all of them are too fucked up in one way or the other.
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    What the fuck is eleven-ty?
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    You indeed might not want to trust this dude to maintain that ancient legacy code base.

    But looks like you just found someone who would really enjoy migrating that dirty millions-of-lines spaghetti dish to a more modern language.
    After that, your other devs might actually be able to refactor and maintain it...
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    @EmberQuill I use it too, for the exact same thing... It's pretty great though
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    React... For a fucking blog... Really?
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    Front end dev community's head has now gone entirely up its own ass and has reached the bottom of the stomach.
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    @neeno Not the worst idea if the objective is to learn the tool rather than making an efficient blog.
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